image border

border: ***;

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The border property sets the border of an element.

The border of the image can be specified by applying this property to the IMG element.

img {
border: 2px red solid;

Property Value Explanation
border each value sets width, color, and style

border: 2px red solid;

border: 2px red solid ;
border- width color style

When an image is used as a link, the browser will automatically display a border of the image. If you want to rid the image of the border, specify "none" for the value.
border: none;


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<style type="text/css">

#example { border: 5px red solid; }
a img { border: none; }



<p><img src="image/photo.jpg" alt="Example" width="200" height="133" id="example"></p>

<p><a href="index.html"><img src="image/photo.jpg" alt="Example" width="200" height="133"></a></p>