naming the frame

<frame src="" name="">

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The name attribute of the FRAME element defines a unique name for the frame.

<frame src="example.html" name="test">

Attribute Value Explanation
name=" " frame name arbitrary name

Frame name

  • Frame names must start in the alphabet.
  • The following symbols can be included in a frame name.
    hyphen(-), underscore(_), colon(:), period(.)


Horizontal frames (Three frames)

The name in the top frame : top
The name in the middle frame : middle
The name in the bottom frame : bottom

<title>TAG index</title>

<frameset rows="150,150,*">
<frame src="example05a.html" name="top">
<frame src="example05b.html" name="middle">
<frame src="example05c.html" name="bottom">

<p>Alternate content</p>



The HTML codes of the "example05a.html" (Top frame)

<a href="example05d.html" target="middle">Displays into the middle frame</a>
<a href="example05d.html" target="bottom">Displays into the bottom frame</a>