numbering types

<ol type=""><li type="">

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Block-level Deprecated

The type attribute of the OL element changes the numbering type.

The type attribute in the OL tag : Applied to all items in the list.

<ol type="A">
<li>first list item</li>
<li>second list item</li>
<li>third list item</li>

The type attribute in the LI tag : Applied to one item.

<li type="1">first list item</li>
<li type="A">second list item</li>
<li type="a">third list item</li>
<li type="I">fourth list item</li>
<li type="i">fifth list item</li>

Attribute Value Explanation
type=" " 1 arabic numeral
A alphabet (capital letter)
a alphabet (small letter)
I roman numeral (capital letter)
i roman numeral (small letter)

The use of this attribute is deprecated. (Use CSS instead)

Tips and Notes

Use CSS instead of deprecated HTML. Please see the "Related Document" for details on CSS.


<ol type="A">
<li>First list item</li>
<li>Second list item</li>
<li>Third list item</li>
  1. First list item
  2. Second list item
  3. Third list item

<li type="1">Arabic numeral</li>
<li type="A">Alphabet (capital letter)</li>
<li type="a">Alphabet (small letter)</li>
<li type="I">Roman numeral (capital letter)</li>
<li type="i">Roman numeral (small letter)</li>
  1. Arabic numeral
  2. Alphabet (capital letter)
  3. Alphabet (small letter)
  4. Roman numeral (capital letter)
  5. Roman numeral (small letter)