base font

<basefont size="">

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The BASEFONT element defines a base font.

<basefont size="2">

Attribute Value Explanation
size=" " 1 - 7 the size of the font (a number from 1 to 7)
color=" " color code or name the color of the font
face=" " font name list of the font names

The use of this element is deprecated. (Use CSS instead)

Example of specifying all attributes

<basefont size="2" color="#c0c0c0" face="Times New Roman">

Tips and Notes

Use CSS instead of deprecated HTML. Please see the "Related Document" for details on CSS.


<title>TAG index</title>

<p>Base font</p>

<basefont size="1">
<p><font color="#ff0000">Font size 1</font></p>
<p><font size="+4">Font size 5</font></p>

<basefont size="7" color="#0000ff">
<p><font size="-1">Font size 6 and Blue color</font></p>


Base font

Font size 1

Font size 5

Font size 6 and Blue color