attributes of the marquee element


Internet Explorer Firefox Opera7

The attributes list of the MARQUEE element.

In browsers other than MSIE, there are some unsupported attributes.

Attribute Value Explanation
Settings of the scrolling section
width=" " pixels or % size of the width
height=" " pixels or % size of the height
hspace=" " pixels horizontal space
vspace=" " pixels vertical space
bgcolor=" " color code
or name
background color (HTML Colors)
Settings of the movement
behavior=" "
(default is scroll)
scroll scrolling text
slide sliding text
alternate bounce back and forth
direction=" "
(default is left)
left it moves left
right it moves right
up it moves up
down it moves down
loop=" "
(default is infinity)
number number of the loops
scrolldelay=" "
(default is 85)
(1/1000 of a second)
500 = half a second
sets the delay
(influences the speed of the scrolling)
high value = slow | low value = fast

Specify the truespeed attribute together when the value becomes 59 or less.
truespeed Note:
Specify this attribute together when the value of the scrolldelay attribute becomes 59 or less. (If this attribute is not specified, the value of 59 or less is not applied.)

<marquee scrolldelay="50" truespeed>scrolling text</marquee>
scrollamount=" "
(default is 6)
pixels sets the amount of movement
(influences the speed of the scrolling)
high value = fast | low value = slow