visibility: ***;

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The visibility property specifies whether an element is visible or invisible.

div {
visibility: hidden;

Property Value Explanation
visibility visible the element is visible (default)
hidden the element is invisible
(however, the area of the element remains)

Comparison with the display property

The visibility property :
AAAAA<span style="visibility: hidden;">BBBBB</span>CCCCC


The display property :
AAAAA<span style="display: none;">BBBBB</span>CCCCC



<title>TAG index</title>

<style type="text/css">

.example { visibility: hidden; }



<p>This text is displayed. [<span class="example">This text is not displayed.</span>] This text is displayed.</p>

<p>This text is displayed.</p>
<p class="example">This text is not displayed.</p>
<p>This text is displayed.</p>



This text is displayed. [This text is not displayed.] This text is displayed.

This text is displayed.

This text is not displayed.

This text is displayed.