table-layout: ***;

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The table-layout property specifies the algorithm used to render a fixed-width table.

This property can apply to the TABLE element.

table {
width: 300px;
table-layout: fixed;

Property Value Explanation
table-layout auto automatic table layout (default)
the layout is decided after all rows are processed
fixed fixed table layout
the layout is decided after the first row is processed
(rendering is faster than the automatic layout)

If you specify the "fixed" value for this property, the width must be specified for the TABLE element. (If necessary, specify the width of the cells at the same time.)


<title>TAG index</title>

<style type="text/css">

table {
border: 2px #2b2b2b solid;
width: 250px;
table-layout: fixed;

td, th {
border: 2px #2b2b2b solid;
width: 50%;



<th>Heading A</th>
<th>Heading B</th>
<td>Cell A</td>
<td>Cell B</td>


Heading A Heading B
Cell A Cell B