<table border="" bordercolorlight="" bordercolordark="">

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The bordercolorlight and bordercolordark attributes of the TABLE element specifies the border color of the table. (The color of the border is specified by two colors.)

<table border="5" bordercolorlight="#006fdd" bordercolordark="#b9dcff"></table>

Attribute Value Explanation
bordercolorlight=" " color code or name light border color (the upper and left sides)
bordercolordark=" " color code or name dark border color (the lower and right sides)

Extension attribute. (Non standard attribute)

The display example
Border color example


<table border="5" bordercolorlight="#b9dcff" bordercolordark="#006fdd">
<td>Cell A</td>
<td>Cell B</td>
<td>Cell C</td>

Cell A Cell B Cell C