marquee (Attributes)

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The attributes list of the MARQUEE element.

In browsers other than MSIE, there are some unsupported attributes.

Attribute Value Explanation
Settings of the scrolling section
width=" " pixels or % size of the width
height=" " pixels or % size of the height
hspace=" " pixels horizontal space
vspace=" " pixels vertical space
bgcolor=" " color code or name background color (HTML Colors)
Settings of the movement
behavior=" "
(default is scroll)
scroll scrolling text
slide sliding text
alternate bounce back and forth
direction=" "
(default is left)
left it moves left
right it moves right
up it moves up
down it moves down
loop=" "
(default is infinity)
number number of the loops
scrolldelay=" "
(default is 85)
(1/1000 of a second)
500 = half a second
sets the delay
(influences the speed of the scrolling)
high value = slow | low value = fast
Specify the truespeed attribute together when the value becomes 59 or less.
truespeed Note:
Specify this attribute together when the value of the scrolldelay attribute becomes 59 or less. (If this attribute is not specified, the value of 59 or less is not applied.)
<marquee scrolldelay="50" truespeed>scrolling text</marquee>
scrollamount=" "
(default is 6)
pixels sets the amount of movement
(influences the speed of the scrolling)
high value = fast | low value = slow