You can create breadcrumb structured data with JSON-LD just by pasting the breadcrumb HTML code.

Breadcrumb structured data

Enter the HTML code

Structured data will be output

How to use this tool

  • Paste the HTML code for the breadcrumb into the HTML code input field and press the Generate button.
  • JSON-LD format structured data will be displayed in the structured data output field, so please copy it and use it.
  • Structured data code (<script>-</script>) can be used within <head>-</head> or <body>-</body>.
  • I think it is better to write URL in structured data as absolute URL. I recommend testing with Google's Rich Results Test.
  • Optionally, you can choose whether to include a URL for the last item in your structured data. You can also adjust the indentation width within structured data in three levels.
  • To use this tool, you must enable JavaScript in your browser.

Specifications of this tool

  • Breadcrumbs created with div elements etc. are not supported. It only supports lists created with the ol element.
  • The li element within the ol element is extracted from the input code, and the URL and text (item name) contained therein are reflected in the structured data. It works even if you have another element around the ol element.
  • It will work even if the class attribute etc. is written in the related elements (ol element, li element, a element). If the li element contains tags other than the a element, remove them and extract only the text.
  • It works even if the content of the li element is empty (in which case dummy text is inserted within the structured data). However, placement of the li element itself is required, and you can place 2 to 10 li elements.

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